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Generational Learning Styles

Author: Julie Coates

Publisher: LERN Books, a division of Learning Resources Network. USA 2007

This book describes the generational characteristics and learning preferences of the 4 groups of generations living and working together today: those that are older than 65 years old (“Traditionalists”), those between 45 and 65 years old (“Baby Boomers”), those between 31 and 44 years old (“Generation X”), and “Generation Y”, our present generation of ophthalmology residents.

Although this model cannot be applied to generations worlwide (it describes mostly generational characteristics in the United States’ generations), it provides a useful classification and description of the 4 groups of people we can find sharing life today.

The author provides also a good analysis of the sociology of learning, and how historical and social events model the character, preferences, and also learning styles of people.

The book offers an interesting perspective to those willing to have a better understanding not only of their residents and how to help them learn better, but also of themselves and their own vision of the world.

You can buy it at LERN or at$s 20)

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