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A Best Evidence in Medical Education systematic review to determine the most effective teaching methods that develop reflection in medical students: BEME Guide No. 51

Authors: Jane Uygur, Ellen Stuart, Muireann De Paor, Emma Wallace, Seamus Duffy, Marie O’Shea, et al.
Medical Teacher 2019, vol. 41, No. 1, 3-16.

Reflection is considered an essential skill for physicians. In this systematic review, Uygur et al. aim to determine which educational interventions are being used to develop reflection, how is reflection being assessed, and what are the most effective interventions. Twenty-eight studies were included, which had at least two of the following components related to reflection: introduction, trigger, writing, guidelines, small group discussion, tutor, and feedback. The strongest evidence they found was that guidelines for, and feedback on, reflective writing, improve student reflection:

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