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A Delphi study of medical professionalism in Arabian countries: The Four-Gates model

Authors: Mohamed M. Al-Eraky, Jeroen Donkers, Gohar Wajid, Jeroen J. G. van Merrienboer
Medical Teacher 2014. Vol. 36, pages S8-S16.

Medical profeesionalism has been described as a set of attributes and behaviors, yet the Western frameworks of medical professionalism may not resonate with the cultural values of non-Western countries. In this study authors aim to formulate a professionalism framework for healthcare providers as interpreted by local medical professionals in Arabian countries. They shortlisted eight professional traits and coupled them in four themes (Gates): dealing with self, dealing with tasks, dealing with others and dealing with God. Self-accountability and self-motivation were interpreted from a faithful viewpoint as “taqwa” and “ehtesab”, respectively, in Arabic. The authors discuss that the Four-Gates Model could help in better undestanding medical professionalism as grounded in the minds and culture of Arabs. The model may act as a genuine framework for teaching and learning of medical professionalism inArab medical schools.

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