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Essential Skills for a Medical Teacher: An Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Medicine.

Authors: Ronald M. Harden, Jennifer M. Laidlaw
Elsevier, 2012

In this very practical book, authors cover the basis, fundamentals and how to put in practice several aspects of teaching and learning in Medicine. Sections “The Roles and Competencies of a Good Teacher”, “Learning Outcomes and Outcome-Based Education”, “Organising the Learning Programme”, “Facilitating Learning”, “Assessing the Progress of the Learner” and “Today’s Teacher and Tomorrow’s Doctor” cover a myriad of useful topics, with definitions, rationale, and practical examples.

Each chapter ends with a “Reflect and React” section, and further suggested readings.

A real gem for medical teachers and learners!

You can buy this book directly from the publisher. A second edition will be released soon.

* I have no financial interest to disclose (GP).

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