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Improving the Transition to Ophthalmology Residency: A Survey of First-Year Ophthalmology Residents

Authors: Akshay S. Thomas, Travis Redd, Thomas Hwang.

Authors in this study list recommendations to ease the transition between internship to Ophthalmology Residency. These are:

  1. time spent preparing for ophthalmology residency during internship is crucial to easing this transition;
  2. a transitional internship year affords more opportunity to prepare for ophthalmology residency than preliminary medicine or surgery;
  3. orientations which provide more hands-on experience, relationship-building, and familiarity with logistics reduce stress among new residents, whereas longer orientations and didactic teaching do not;
  4. longer buddy-call systems produce significantly lower stress; and
  5. the majority of respondents would prefer starting residency with a comprehensive ophthalmology rotation.

You may read this article by clicking here.

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