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What Are the Effects of Teaching Evidence-Based Care (EBHC)? Overview of Systematic Reviews.

Authors: Taryn Young, Anke Rohwer, Jimmy Volmink, Mike Clarke.

PLoS ONE 2014; 9(1): e86706.

In this systematic review Young et al evaluated interventions for teaching evidence-based health care to health professionals compared to no intervention or different strategies. 16 systematic reviews were included (comprising 171 studies), showing that multifaceted, clinically integrated interventions with assessment led to improvements in knowledge, skills (critical appraisal, integration of results into decisions) and attitudes amongst health professionals. Knowledge and attitude were similar for lecture-based versus online teaching (unless online teaching was accompanied by guided critical appraisal, which improved this skill), while journal clubs increased clinical epidemiology and biostatistics knowledge and reading behaviour but not appraisal skills.

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