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Implementing a Resident Research Program to Overcome Barriers to Resident Research

Authors: Rothberg MB, Kleppel R, Friderici JL, Hinchey K.

Acad Med 2014;89:1133-9.

To overcome the barriers to residents research (lack of interest, lack of time, insufficient technical support, and paucity of mentors) Rothberg et al describe the step-wise implementation of specific changes in an internal medicine residency program, with the purpose of facilitating the successful completion of resident research projects. Initiatives included the nomination of a Resident research director, an Evidence-based curriculum, support for presenting at national meetings, academic bonuses for publications, protected time, research electives, and a research assistant to help with data collection. Results after 10 years showed a steady rise in the number of resident presentations at national meetings and in the number of resident publications, more original research and resident first authors. This comprehensive resident research program led to a significant increase in resident Medline publications and improved the reputation of the residency program.

You may download the article by clicking here.

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