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A New Leadership Curriculum: The Multiplication of Intelligence.

Authors: Liz Wiseman, Jacques Bradwejn, Erick Westbroek.

Acad Med 2014; 89:376-9.

Abstract: The authors propose a new model of leadership for the clinical setting. The authors’ research suggest that there is latent intelligence inside business and educational organizations because many operate in a way that shuts down the intelligence of others. Such leaders are classified as “Diminishers”. In the clinical setting this behavior creates a hidden curriculum in medical education, passing on unprofessional patterns of behavior to future physicians. Other leaders, however, are classified as “Multipliers”. The authors suggest that Multiplier leadership should become the standard leadership practice in medical schools. Case studies of a Multiplier and a Diminisher are presented and illustrate the positive effect these leaders can have on medical education and health organizations.

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