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Making Sense of Medical Ethics – A hands-on guide

Authors: Alan G. Johnson & Paul R. V. Johnson.

Hodder Arnold, United Kingdom, 2007.

We desire and intend to educate “ethical residents”. However, not many ophthalmic residency programs have formal education in Medical Ethics, and this important aspect of the practice of our profession is usually taught only by example or mentorship.

Explicit discussion of ethical situations with residents and guidance from educators are also important, so our residents can gain awareness of the issues that are on stake in the patient-doctor encounter and decision-taking, relationship with the industry or other colleagues, research, etc.

This practical manual offers an introduction to medical ethics that can be used as a foundation for discussing ethical conflicts or situations with your residents.

It is written in clear and plain language. It discusses ethical principles and includes examples from real life, exercises, summary boxes, and algorithms for ethical analysis of situations.

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