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Becoming an expert: a review of adult learning theory and implications for vocational training in ophthalmology

Authors: Timothy V. Roberts, Julie Gustavs, Heather G. Mack
Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2012, 40(5):519-26

This paper introduces some of the important concepts of adult educational theory to explain how they connect to four strategic areas in the development and implementation of training programs in ophthalmology:

1) Learning needs of trainees: authors state that training must recognise generational differences in learning and education; that ophthalmology trainees are adult learners; that they will progress through increasing levels of competence; and they have different learning styles.

2) Educational methods that best address these needs: authors discuss different learning strategies (discipline-based, problem-based, workplace-based, critical reflective).

3) Assessment methods that best test the acquisition of the desired learning outcomes: they describe a variety of assessment tools.

4) Needs of supervisors and teachers.

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