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Developing Technical Training A Structured Approach for Developing Classroom and Computer-Based Instructional Materials

3rd Edition
Pfeiffer, 2008

This book describes an approach to teaching called the Instructional Systems Design process, that begins by identifying the content you need to teach (defined as facts, concepts, processes, procedures, and principles), to then choose the most effective and efficient strategies for teaching and assessing each of these types.

Beginning with the Structure of a Lesson, types of content (facts, concepts, processes, procedures, and principles) are covered in separate chapters that defines them, describe the most appropriate strategies to teach them (for classroom and in e-learning), provide practice methods and define assessment techniques.

You can buy it online at (Hardcover: U$S 31.92; Kindle edition: U$S 24.00) or at Pfeiffer (U$S 40.00)

I have no financial interests on this recommendation. (GP)

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