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Evidence-Based Teaching: New Directions for Teaching and Learning.

Editors: William Buskist, James E. Groccia
Jossey-Bass, 2012

This book presents an overview of a variety of teaching systems, such as:

• The Lecture
• Problem-Based Learning
• Case Study Teaching
• Team-Based Learning
• Online Learning

and others, and comments evidence supporting their effectiveness, as well as strategies and good practices for implementation.

Easy to read, concise, and plenty with ideas for improving teaching systems, its introduction and last chapter about evidence in education and its implications for the future of teaching are enlightening and carry hope about the possibility of applying scientific work to improve teaching and learning.

You can order it at Jossey-Bass(paperback, U$S 29.00, e-book, U$S 23.00) or at (paperback, U$S 24.61, Kindle edition, U$S 25.45)

I have no financial interests on this recommendation. (GP)

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