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Use of Effective Feedback to Facilitate Adult Learning

Author: Ajit K. Sachdeva
(Sahchdeva AK. Use of Effective Feedback to Facilitate Adult Learning. J Cancer Educ 1996;11:106-108).

Formative feedback is a process by which we let residents know how they are performing, with the objective that they change poor habits, keep desirable behaviours, and improve their general performance. Delivery of effective formative feedback has become a crucial process for enhancing residents’ education.

In this thorough review about the formative feedback process, Prof. Sachdeva develops the following topics:

  • The Underpinnings of Effective Feedback: in this section he describes, among other topics, types and sources of feedback, impact of feedback on behaviour, the timing of feedback, use of different modes for providing feedback.
  • The Process of Feedback: in this section you can read how to prepare for the feedback session, how to establish an appropriate environment and climate for the feedback session, and how to efectively start, conduct and close a feedback session.
  • Other interesting sections develop the delivery of feedback in special situations, improvement of feedback skills of faculty members, etc.

The narrative is clear and interesting, and examples abound.

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