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The Ophthalmology Wet Laboratory

  • Henderson BA, Grimes KJ, Fintelmann RE, Oetting TA. Stepwise Approach to Establishing an Ophthalmology Wet Laboratory. J Cataract Refract Surg 2009; 35:1121-8.
  • Lee AG, Greenlee E, Oetting TA, Beaver HA et al. The Iowa Ophthalmology Wet Laboratory Curriculum for Teaching and Assessing Cataract Surgical Competency. Ophthalmology 2007; 114:e21-6.

These two articles can be very useful for residency programs considering setting up a wet laboratory, as well as for those willing to improve their wet labs.

Henderson BA et al’s “summarize the necessary components in establishing and maintaining a well-functioning wet lab”. They also describe a stepwise guide while considering 6 key factors in creating an ophthalmology wet lab:

  1. setting up the physical space;
  2. establishing appropriate faculty and curriculum;
  3. obtaining the practice eye;
  4. stabilizing the eye;
  5. preparing the eye; and
  6. funding the wet lab.

You can order it at the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Lee AG et al’s describe an ophthalmology wet lab curriculum for residents. Some useful tools included in this article are:

  • The First-Year Resident Iowa Ophthalmology Wet Laboratory Curriculum
  • The University of Iowa Ophthalmology Wet Lab Quiz
  • The University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology Objective Wet Laboratory Structured Assessment of Skill and Technique (OWLSAT) Scoring Rubric

You can order it at: Ophthalmology

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