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A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers

Authors: John A. Dent, Ronald M. Harden
3rd edition, 2009, Elsevier Limited.

This book intends, as stated by its authors, to ‘bridge the gap between the theoretical aspects of medical education and the practical delivery of enthusiastic teaching’.

The book covers various aspects of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education.

Its 7 sections review, in 400 pages, the following issues:

  1. Curriculum development, including new horizons in medical education, curriculum planning and development, preparing for general practice and the educational environment.
  2. Learning situations, like lectures, small groups, clinical skills teaching, ambulatory care teaching, community care, mentoring, etc.
  3. Educational strategies, such as outcome- and problem-based curriculum, independent and integrated learning, etc.
  4. Tools and aids such as instructional design, simulators and simulation-based education, e-learning and e-teaching, M(mobile)-learning, etc.
  5. Curriculum themes: basic and clinical sciences, communication, ethics and attitudes, professionalism, preparing for practice, evidence-based medicine.
  6. Assessment: principles, standardization, tools, portfolios, feedback, etc.
  7. Staff and students: selection, support, staff development, publishing and research, etc.

The book is practical, provides plenty of tips, tools, graphics, and is written in an easy reading style. I think it can be a very useful guide for medical teachers working at all levels of education.

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I have no financial interests related to this recommendation (GP).

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